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Weather (and cancellations) happens...

We've all been there..Trying to start our holiday or work trip and... BOOM the clouds open up and and the airport shuts down! It's a snowstorm, or hurricane Bertha rolling through, either way you ain't going anywhere! Seeing all of these people at the airport just reminds me that you have to have some sort of back up plan when things like this occur. If you’re caught in a situation like this here’s some ideas that will help you get though it:

1.) Get to your closest customer service agent, or better yet go online and/or call for re-accommodations immediately. If your flight is delayed due to a mechanical problem or something that the airline controls, they can reprotect you on other airlines within reason, but you have to be quick you may have to do your own legwork on finding an alternate way to your final destination.

2.) Get yourself a hotel room. In situations of adverse weather (hurricane, snowstorms, volcanoes..etc..) U.S.airlines will not pay for hotel accommodations for you because these are acts of nature and not the airlines fault. So as soon as you find a way to where you're going, get the room. Make sure you pick up a hotel voucher before you leave the the airport. It can be the difference between a 50 dollar room and a 160 dollar room..

3.) Play nice with the airport agent that’s trying to help you. We all know that you’re traveling for a specific reason and you have to get there, BUT if you look outside and you can’t see anything or anyone, you’re not going anywhere. I know it can be frustrating but don’t take it out on the person trying to help you. “You can get more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.” meaning if you piss off the person trying to help you, they’re less inclined to help you.

4.) If you’re at a connecting airport (meaning you’re traveling to L.A. from Cleveland via Denver) and you’re stuck in Denver and you’re still trying to get to L.A and you now want your bags…Good luck with that..In adverse conditions such as snowstorms, if you are still trying to get to where you’re going, airlines are going to put your bags on the first thing going even if you’re not going with it yet. Since they are already been cleared by the TSA, airlines are going to send your bags to their intended destination(Domestically). It’s better just to get an overnight kit from the airline and tough it out until the morning. Me personally, I'll just pack a days worth of clothing in a backpack that I'm carrying.

Hopefully these tips will help in your travels. Until next time!!

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