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One Carry-On, One Backpack

I travel a bit (…and by a bit I mean A LOT) and along the way I’ve learned a few things by trial and error. Whenever possible, I try to keep my bags with me on ALL of my flights. I’m #TeamCarryOn for life! With being team carryon, I had to quickly learn what’s important to you in your travels. Everything I take on every trip fits in ONE. CARRY-ON. AND. ONE. BACKPACK. It just makes life easier. I have a list of things that I take with me on every flight for various reasons. I call them my essentials. They are:

An extra change of clothes-

I always carry a day’s worth of clothes in my backpack because you never know what might happen. You MIGHT have to check that carry-on bag, and that bag might not show up on time. Don’t get caught with dirty drawers on a delayed connection flight!

Universal Travel Adapters-

For your phone and electronics. Not high voltage devices like curling irons unless you like sparks and flames coming out of the wall outlet.

COLOR Copies of your Identification –

Look... Things happen, pick-pockets happen, muggers happen, but mostly forgetfulness happens. So if any of these scenarios happen to you, just copy the first two pages (face page and the signature page) of your passport and your driver’s license. Email these things to yourself before you leave. It will save you a lot of time and heartache while you’re at the embassy.

Medicines for the “Shits”-

It’s not a matter of IF it’s going to happen, just a matter of WHEN. It’s not always because of bad cleanliness of a restaurant or bad food. Maybe your body may not be used to the type of bacteria that is common in that area. The locals can eat the food all day long, YOU on the other hand, may have your butt cheeks hugging a toilet. So just be prepared with some Pepto-To-Go and/or some Immodium AD.

Communication devices (Backpack) –

It’s always important to have some form of communication while you’re away. I use my Iphone with a Skyroam device religiously so I will at least have internet communication. Some people use SIM cards, other people get international plans with their carrier. Either way, just do it.

Baby wipes (Backpack) –

For long flights, baby wipes will become your best friend. When you’ve been on long plane ride and you still have a few hours before you reach the hotel, you’re not going to smell your “freshest”. Not saying stinky… yet, but you literally smell like yesterday. Take a few, go to the bathroom, hit the “hot spots” and you’re good for another few hours.

Extra Ziplock Bags-

For all toiletries that may have to come through an x-ray machine. You don’t want to be that person that has to throw away that nice $150.00 bottle of cologne because the Ziplock bag won’t close.

A Pen-

A pen?! Yes a pen. It could mean the difference between you making your next flight, or you being stuck in customs begging a customs agent for one.

A Washcloth-

A washcloth?! YES. I can't wash my ass with my hands. I just don't feel right. There are a lot of hotels (good ones at that) that don’t supply these, and if they do, they are here:

DO. NOT. EVER. USE. THIS. It’s the equivalent of you wiping your face with someone else’s ass.

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