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New Year. New City. Johannesburg..

I really want to go to Johannesburg. This city has really been on my list ever since I started traveling. From the outset, I've found Johannesburg to be a little complex. For the longest, this city was one of the world's poster children for racial oppression. After many years, on February 11, 1990 Nelson Mandela was released, ushering in the end of apartheid. Through the following years Johannesburg have had its up's and down's but it has risen from the ashes as one of Africa's premier destinations. It's an interesting crossroads of culture, from its wide variety of arts. It has a lot of places that will allow people to express themselves from public spaces, galleries and murals, to museums and great nightlife. This city seems like it wants to get its story out. I'm also very interested in Soweto, the Southwestern Townships, that many Blacks Africans live and was at the forefront of the Anti-Apartheid Movement. I have to make this trip happen! Have any of you all every been here? Give me your thoughts!

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